Monday, September 30, 2013

Above and Beyond

To My Office Janitor,

At first I was annoyed that my coffee mug would disappear from my desk over the weekend.  See, I would go looking for the mug on Monday morning, desperate for my morning coffee.  I searched everywhere until one time I thought that maybe, just maybe it was where a mug should be on Monday morning: in the kitchen cupboard, washed, cleaned, and ready for coffee.  And there it was.

It's been several weeks now and my mug's magical disappearing and reappearing act has continued without fail.  Except that it's not really magic at all.  It's you, your diligence, thoughtfulness, and hard work.  I'm always amazed when I meet people like you, people who go above and beyond no matter what it is they are doing.  There is often no reward yet you do it anyway.

So I dedicate this Monday-morning coffee to you.  You are awesome.

With All My Gratitude,


Monday, September 2, 2013


I saw a gorgeous rainbow today that formed from rain falling from a cloud and evaporating before hitting the ground.  The effect was a multi-hue curtain hanging in the sky.  What really caught my eye though, was a dark spec among one of the colors.  I thought it was a grain of dust on my windshield but then I realized that tiny dot was an airplane buried in the vastness of a single color in the rainbow.  It was an awesome feeling seeing something as benign as a rainbow epically dwarf the largest of human creations in the sky.