Friday, April 15, 2011

It's spring time again

It's spring time again and all those cute little fuzzy baby animals are running about.  There's a little bird family of two living in my office's courtyard and I've been watching mommy bird and baby bird going about their business for a few weeks now.  Since the courtyard is enclosed, they run about on the ground by my feet and around the bushes without a care in the world.

The little baby bird has been growing and is just a little bigger than a golf ball now.  It spends the day running about and chasing after its mother.  The mother hops around trying her best to stay focussed on finding food despite the constant pursuit and chirping from her baby.  Once in a while it is just too much for her and she runs away from the chirping manace as quickly as she can, though she never goes too far.

When the mommy bird finds something to eat (and hasn't eaten it herself) the little baby bird runs up to her and the mommy bird drops the food in the baby bird's eagerly awaiting mouth.  The baby bird then chirps after her for more.

And thus goes the familiar story.  Happy Spring!