Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Birthday Gift

After spending a wonderful evening with friends, I bundled up, grabbed my fluffy puppy, and stepped out onto my balcony to watch the lunar eclipse.  What an experience!  The clouds were low and lit gentle pink from the city lights.  The gaps in the clouds formed beautiful moving windows framing the pitch black of space dotted with brightly lit stars like Christmas lights.  Just by Orion almost straight up in the sky hung the reddish sphere of the eclipsed moon, the centerpiece of this evening's celestial stage.  Just as I was thinking how impossibly perfect -- almost Disney-like the sky was this evening, a bright shooting star blazed across the sky.  That was the grand finale of my day, standing there looking up in awe, thinking of loved ones, and hugging a very fluffy and warm puppy to my chest.  What a priceless birthday gift.  The Universe is such a wonderful place!

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