Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nissan Cube - Unexpectedly AWESOME

I took my car in to get serviced today and they gave me a loaner.  I was delighted when the Hertz guy turned from the pickup truck I usually get and opened the door of a Nissan Cube:  I've always loved the funky exterior styling but was skeptical otherwise figuring it was probably a simple econobox.  Boy what a surprise!  It's feels super roomy inside with its high roof, enough trunk space with a large swing-door hatch in the back so you can load all manner of odd-sized objects.  The interior is young-looking but still classy and the materials are quality (for this price range).  All the controls have a nice solid but soft click to them.  And it's jam packed with features: traction control, speed-sensitive stereo volume, adjustable steering wheel, steering wheel controls, song names on the radio, etc.

Most importantly, it's actually fun to drive!  It won't win any drag races, but it's impressively zippy in the low range and can scoot through the turns solidly.  I'm digging its focus and simplicity -- it accomplishes its mission of being young, fresh, and practical, yet stays safely away from any over-the-top 12-year-old-boy styling and is actually quite civilized.  Two thumbs up!

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  1. Hi Albert, i am completely agreed with you that Nissan Cube is a good vehicle, but do you find there any new addons in the interiors of that pickup?