Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Great Day

I had a GREAT day today.  I slept in, woke up, walked my dog, went over to Matt and Maricia's, walked their dog (Luna) who is a total sweetie, had lunch at Eric's Deli (my fav), picked up Luna on the way home, plopped her in my apartment with Duncan so they could play, pre-orderd Starcraft II, found a Mac driver for my webcam, sorted through my several-month-backlog of mail, talked to my dad about starting companies, talked to my mom, took out the trash, took the dogs out for a walk to Castro Street, got a wonderful new flavor of Pearl Milk Tea (roasted oolong), came back and pruned my garden, found as I was chopping down a dead plant to throw away that it was still alive at the core and sprouting new leaves, harvested my first tomatoes ever, cleaned up the patio, played with the dogs, had a great conversation with Diana filled with fun hospital stories, got a wonderful thank you note from her sister-in-law, RSVP'd for a wedding, watered all my plants, wrestled with the two dogs, talked to Matt and Maricia as they picked up Luna, watched Luna and Duncan bump into everything and everyone as they wrestled all over the apartment, ate La Fiesta left-overs, watched an awesome car show on Hulu, watched a Stargate Atlantis episode, talked to my old friend Howard, brushed Duncan, put him to bed, mowed my little window-box lawn with scissors, took a nice warm shower, typed up this blog post, and now I'm going to sleep.

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