Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aphid Holocaust -- Chemical Warfare

It turns out ladybugs are like Roombas.  They scoot around in a haphazard fashion around the plant, only munching on aphids that their tiny little heads run into.  A little off to the side and the ladybug simply steps on and over aphid.  Also like Roombas, aphids get full easily.  In desperation, I resorted to picking up stray and hungry-looking ladybugs and placing them on aphids to get more aphid-eating to happen.

After a week had gone by, there were no more ladybugs and tons of aphids, mostly on the undersides of leaves.  Frustrated, I decided to escalate to chemical warfare.   I got a spray bottle some horticultural oil (organic) and blanketed my garden.  Some burned leaves and a few sore muscles later, I now have an aphid-free garden thanks to my new weapon of choice!

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  1. Hi It's a shame the ladybugs weren't up to the task. We've had good success using a home made insecticide in a pressure spray you can see at paddy's garden