Monday, January 25, 2010

Duncan's New Friend

My coworker hosted a movie night and a couple of my friends had their little ones along.  One of them, Lexi, fell in love with Duncan and spent the evening squealing with delight as she chased after him with outreached arms around the house.

I had spent the whole evening stressing about making sure Duncan was behaving himself and not knocking over any toddlers (he is only a baby himself) but it only took a few of these wide-mouthed smiles from Lexi to put me more at ease.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Water Puppy

It was raining quite a bit this week and the central courtyard where Duncan usually plays at NVIDIA had accumulated 4-6" of water.  I was on my afternoon walk with Duncan (mandatory rain or shine) and as he lunged to play in the courtyard, I figured heck, we were both soaked anyway, let's see what Duncan does with the pool of water.

At first he tip-toed in and sniffed it suspiciously.  Then he took a few steps and the water splashed up onto him.  He stared intently at it, challenging it.  After a pause, he swatted at it and it splashed him in the nose.  Then I saw his face light up and he started splashing with his front paw.  He ran a few steps in each direction kicking up water all around.  This escalated quickly into jumping and finally a full gallop back and forth and back and forth at top speed tearing around with paws lifted high splashing and biting the water leaving a rooster tail of water behind him.

Part of me that was screaming for me to stop this wet, muddy, dirty, inappropriate-for-work madness but instead I just let him be.  His look of sheer bubbling joy as he playfully splashed around was more than worth the strange looks I was getting from coworkers and the crazy cleanup that followed.  I've honestly never seen Duncan have so much fun in his whole life and it warmed my heart to know that he was happy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Duncan's Bath

I gave Duncan a bath today. What does he do right afterward? Pees on my bathroom floor, sits in it, lays on the toilet plunger, poos outside, gets poo on his face eating it. This just further confirms that cuteness is an evolved survival trait.