Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Horse Show 2008

I discovered casual schooling shows were fun earlier this year so I decided to enter in the only other schooling show at Westwind Barn, the annual Halloween Horse Show. You may have seen pictures I took from a previous one in my gallery. It's really fun with jumps decorated with corn stalks and pumpkins and a special costume class where you dress yourself and your horse up.

This time I had Reco all to myself so I entered into the Low Hunters and Low Jumpers classes (2'3"). I haven't been riding all summer so I figured this would be plenty to challenge rusty ol' me.

In Hunters, I knocked down a pole and figured that it wasn't a big deal. That's what Jumpers is for: a second chance! During the Jumpers round, I clobbered the second fence and was very disappointed that I'd blown both of my chances. However, as I came around the bend I was amazed to find the fence still up! I continued happily around the course cleanly and went immediately into the jump-off course (they only timed the jump-off course). I was originally going to go "Albert speed" they call it (terrifyingly fast), but I asked my instructor if there was such thing as "too fast." She said, no, but there was such thing as "crashing and burning." So we kept it at a very sane pace and ran a clean round.

I ended up placing 6th (to which everyone always asks if there were more than 6 people in the class -- yes there were about a dozen) and taking home my first "Horsie Ribbon" I call it. Very exciting. The ribbon's technically for Reco, but whatever, I appreciated it more so I took it home and hung it on the mantle.

Here's the fantastic video Lauren shot complete with excellent commentary (my favorite). Enjoy!

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