Sunday, February 17, 2008

New England, the rest!

It's been months, but yeah, I just posted some videos my sister and I took while we were in New England.

Here's one from the Fryeburg County Fair (Maine) Horse Pull event. All I can say is WOW, such power! The sleds are 3000+lbs of concrete. You can get an idea of how heavy they are when you see the tractor reset the sled. Unfortunately, the camera microphone couldn't pick up the chest-resonating thud when the horses connected with the concrete sled.

Here's another from the fair's petting zoo. This one is definitely a candidate. If you have the sound on, yes, the little squeaking noises are coming from the baby goats.

And finally, here's a short clip of the most amazing ride I've ever had. We wanted to see the fall colors from the sky, so we booked a hot air balloon ride in Vermont. We almost didn't make it due to high winds and low visibility, but in the end, we took the risk anyway and were rewarded with the most amazing experience I've had in recent memory. Not only could we see plenty of the rolling red, orange, and green Vermont hills, but we had a unique opportunity to take the balloon above the clouds. There is nothing else in the world like flying in a wicker basket among the clouds. Those who know what my license plate says can fully appreciate how wonderful an experience it was for me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Morning Visitors

I woke up this morning to gentle coo cooing sounds and walked over open my patio door blinds. As I pulled the string and let the day in, I noticed two round fluffy shapes sitting on the railing outside. Who else but my favorite couple of Mourning Doves sitting close together in the morning light. They seemed a bit cold and were scrunched up into little fuzzy balls, peaceful and calm. I gently sat back down in my chair and admired them trying not to disturb them.

They'd built a partial nest on my balcony last year until I scared them away by accident one morning. I was so happy that they were back. I'd been planning to make some sort of shelter for them should they ever return and found myself ill-prepared for the much anticipated event. No matter, they were here and were clearly doing alright. I was happy enough that they visited my balcony for a morning.