Sunday, July 8, 2007

Night Owl

My friends and I have joked for many years that I'm a night owl. I always dismissed it as a result of poor self-discipline and not wanting to go to sleep at bed time, but now I'm sitting here in LA enjoying the wonderfully warm summer evening and I'm beginning to think there's actually some truth to it, that I really am partly nocturnal.

I was bemoaning the fact that as I've grown older, I seem to have lost a bit of imagination. I used to think up these fantasy scenarios, like a place surrounded by palms lit from the bottom just so, another with an outdoor theater with a lit spanish-style arcade. I noticed the trend that all of these overly-romantic, evokative images in my head were all set in warm summer evenings.

As I lay here, enjoying the southern california warm summer evening and the smell of the cooled down earth, the sounds of the chirping insects, the otherwise quiet, my imagination stirs again. There is something truly magical about it. I feel comfortable, in my element, relaxed, and at home. During the day, I feel like one of a billion people carving his way through the world, an ant, yet at night, I feel like I am center stage, the only being around under the spot light, enveloped in the dimly-lit set of the universe.

And thus, proof that I've not completely lost my imagaination.  It's only that where I live now, northern california, evenings are not special, are not worshipped like they are here. They are merely dark and cold. If I could only import the night that is here!

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