Thursday, December 4, 2003


I had a really interesting experience tonight. I met up with my favorite electrical engineering lecturer of all time from my sophomore year in college. He's the reason I switched to EE from CS. I hadn't seen him for three years and I was visiting mainly to drop off some recommendation forms for him to fill out. To my delight, we ended up talking for some thirty minutes, at first just catching up (he's been in Croatia most of those three years) and then talking completely nerd-talk about EE and the current trends in technology. Having been away from EE for three years, he was quite behind the times and was absolutely fascinated as I described the current technologies we use, which three years ago were only theoretical and fanciful. It was like explaining to an overjoyed Leonardo da Vinci how airplanes work nowadays. Talking to him and living vicariously through his excitement at just three years of advancements made me really appreciate how wonderful EE is. Even more so, it struck home the fact that perhaps the greatest thing of this field is that things move so fast and there is always something new and fascinating to explore. It was quite a contrast from all the input I heard from my coworkers and bosses who border on jaded. I guess you really do have to step back once in a while to regain perspective. Now I appreciate my job, career, and field so much more. The renewed excitement is just in time as I prepare to dedicate my energies toward going full steam ahead in EE!

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