Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bizarro Family

I've been suffering from this stupid cold that everyone and their mom seems to have. Over the weekend, I decided to take a walk to make myself feel better and ended up going to McDonald's. I got my food as usual and noticed a very attractive asian lady standing in front of me. She looked like she was in highschool, but I'm guessing she was maybe... 30 tops. I was idly admiring her waiting for my turn in line when an old white guy stepped in front of me. At first I was taken aback because I thought he'd just blatently cut in front of me. Then I realized that he was with the woman. Hmmm, interesting.

After they placed their order, I thought no more of them and got my own food, sat down, and began to eat. Half way through my meal, I noticed that the asian girl (no offense to women, I call her a girl because that's what she looked like -- a girl, like really young) was sitting with the old white guy and his two young white kids. Huh?! I spent the rest of my meal trying to figure out her relation with them -- she seriously looked like the white daughter's older sister.

As if that wasn't weird enough, the man was listening to his iPod at the table while the two kids try to steal McDonald's Monopoly pieces from each other and she just sat there, staring into space. The table was completely silent. I kept thinking to myself, "This is sooo freaking weird." I was so fascinated at this point that I'd completely stopped eating and was just staring at them.

Then, after at least 15 minutes of iPod, monopoly, and staring, the asian girl leans over and puts her head on the man's shoulder. AAGHH!! Meanwhile, the kids look like they don't even know she exists, and the guy still has his earphones in. Finally, five minutes later, the girl whispers something and the guy manages to pop out one ear phone to listen to her. Then when she's done, he puts it back.

That was definitely the most fun I've had people watching in a very long time -- a much needed break because life's been getting a bit stressful as of late. Lots of friends in need and work being off the hook. There's only so much of me... feel like I'm being ripped to shreds. Anyhow, I wish you all the best in finding your bizarro peole of the day.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I love Halloween

A brief update on my otherwise normal life.

Went to Thunderhill again (track) and had a real blast!!! until I spun off the track, into the dirt, and my right-rear wheel found the GINORMOUS hole in the otherwise smooth Grassy Fields of Happiness. The whole time I was spinning I was thinking, "don't flip don't flip don't flip". Things felt pretty smooth until WHAAAM. It wasn't until I drove back onto the track that I noticed something was very very wrong with my car. Unfortunately, I'd pretzeled my right rear suspension. Towing it back all 180 miles was a feat in itself (go AAA!) and I have Nick to thank for helping me out with the towing and lending me his oh-so-fun POS Galant to drive while my car was in the shop.

Anyhow, my car's finally back, though still dusty and laden with fauna from the offroading experience. I'm glad to have it back -- I really missed it, despite my new-found appreciation of the POS Galant.

In other news, I fell off my horse, Payback, last week. It wasn't as bad as last time, but I'm definitely scraped up and in minor pain all the time. Could be worse I guess, but he's tried to kill me so many times and has utterly failed. I'm disappointed to have him get the better of me this time.

Finally, it's almost Halloween and I've busted out all the Halloween candles and decorations. The only thing I'm missing is a neat little CD with Fall evening sounds, like crickets, breeze, etc since I live in this silly thing called a city and can't just go outside for that stuff. I have no idea why I came to love this holiday so much. There's just something about the Fall night that's so mystical with glowing Jack-o-lanterns and walking around in the dark. You know how much I like glowing things and walking around at night. I guess Halloween really is one of the more imaginitive holidays -- complete with a tinge of the occult. Anyhow, I wish you all a very merry Trick-or-Treat!