Friday, March 18, 2005

One down, one to go

I began this year with two specific goals in mind: 1) Find a new job and 2) find a girlfriend. Though my friend, Carrie, repeatedly insisted that my priorities were backward and that I should put in nights and weekends toward Goal #2, I decided it was best to take care of item #1 first.

Now, several months later, I can officially announce that I've successfully accomplished Goal #1. All of you who've listened to me bitch about my job for the last two and a half years can now breath a collective sigh of relief. Albert finally got off his ass and quit his job! If you're wondering what the decisive kick in the butt was, it was last August, September, and October when I stopped working 45 hours a week and started working 75 hours a week. All you financial people working 80 hours a week, shut up because at least you're making six digits. And if you're not, you should quit your job too.

In the next few weeks I will be leaving my Systems Engineering position at NVIDIA and transferring to the hardware ASIC design group. The move is more minor than I thought it would be (I'm still in the same company after all -- the same floor even), but it's a decent step in the right direction for me in terms of my career. Instead of debugging boards, I will now actually have a hand in designing the chips. Perks include increased usage of my semi-atrophied brain, the ability to work from home occasionally, and less manual labor.

Unfortunately, in the process of my job search, I had to turn down a very impressive startup, PA Semi. I'm going to kick myself VERY hard when they IPO and make millions of dollars.

As for Goal #2, why do I even need to make this an objective you ask? It can't possibly be that hard right? Unfortunately, this sucker has been the most elusive one of all despite the fact that my friends inform me that I have a lot going for me -- I'm smart, nice, fun, a good listener, not bad looking, dress decently, don't stink, drive a nice car, and I love dancing (the swing/waltz kind especially), singing, dogs, horses, sunset rides along the beach, wearing suits, hanging out with friends, reading, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, and I'm rich, biatch! Okay, not really.

What more could a girl want? A lot apparently. For one, they want someone taller than them (I'm only 5'4"). Perhaps someone with a little more edge? A bad boy? Someone who wouldn't make such a good friend instead? Anyways, as you can see, there's a lot of work to be done there, so we'll see how things go now that Goal #1 is out of the way.

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