Sunday, November 7, 2004

Welcome Back!

Congratulations to me if you're reading this page. It means you care so much about me, a month-long "My web page is broken" message didn't disuade you from coming back. Either that, or you were just so insanely bored, you had the slimmest hope that I could relieve you of your monotony. Probably the latter.

On with the celebration. After losing the war of attrition with the log/referral spammers, I'm finally with a professional hosting company, So far things are going smoothly. Migrating this blog took much more doing than I would've liked (migrating from postgresql to mysql is anything but possible), but it's mostly done. I just need to squish my 2.5GB photo/video gallery into my 1GB quota. Sounds like a task for tomorrow.

It's getting late and my eyes are bleeding from h4x0r-ing Movable Type 3 which is apparently infinitely less free than before (well, not if you use the el-cheapo free [neutered] version like me). To answer your final question, why did I bother reviving a web page with a readership of -5? That month-long hiatus really hit home how much I enjoy having a web site -- my own personal soap box in this big crazy world. I felt suffocated and silenced without it, trapped with no outlet. The need for self-expression finally overpowered the need to keep my wallet closed, so here we are, on 100% bonifide paid-for web server.

Welcome back. Hope you enjoy the many more years of blogging to come!

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