Thursday, June 3, 2004


Just visited my friend Bob in Seattle, land of the green trees, flannel-clad musicians, and rain. It was quite nice to see him as he's been gone in the land of Mordorsoft for the past year. Weird seeing a friend every day (roommate) and then have him disappear off into the misty mountains.

Being a Bob vacation, we did lots of active things like going on hikes and playing frisbee. The hike through the forest was fascinated for a Southern Californian. I decided that real forests were much much better than half-assed forests like we have here, the reason being that real forests have ferns and not much underbrush due to the shade of a real canopy. This makes them easy to walk in and does not restrict your view. Half-assed forests, however, are impossible to walk in as they are 50% trees, 50% bushes. You can almost never see where you're going and you're always scratched up.

In other news, my car comes in three weeks. Having seen the new E90 (or a prototype rendering of it), I realized just how obsolete my car is already and it's not even here! Bastards. But still, I will love it and cherish it for as long as it is under warranty. Then I'll love it and cherish it and curse my repair bills. This wait is pure torture. Must... have... car...

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