Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Blue and White

Let's answer the $64k question first: where in the world have I been and why am I not entertaining you with my "interesting" blog entries? The answer is simple. I'm too busy driving my brand spanking new bimmer!

Now before you let out your sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe I've stopped bombarding everyone with bimmerisms and bimmerfacts, I must regretfully inform you that you will have no such luck. Then again, it is highly likely that you will see much less of me than before since I take a 15 minute detour just about everywhere I go now. That means any former commute is now instantly 15 minutes longer (or more on a good day), easily doubling my commute home from work for example. I've also managed to find an excuse every day to drive somewhere as a break during work. Gone is the foosball, come is the joyride.

Now onto the Ultimate Driving Experience (tm). My baby was delivered on June 22nd, a date that took me by surprise since I wasn't expecting it until a week later. When I showed up at the dealership, I had a difficult time containing my excitement. I wanted to skip down the street and into the entrance, but I decided not to look like a total idiot just yet. My sales associate, noting the stupid grin on my face, welcomed me and led me out the back door to the parking lot where my baby was apparently located. As we stepped out, my eyes leaped back and forth among the cars and settled upon several contenders. Then a silver gray beauty with no plates caught my eye. It was The One. There is really not much that can match the beauty of brand new glossy paint and a blue and white roundel on the silky curves of a fine automobile.

After going over the car with a fine-toothed comb, checking everything from the spare tire to the moon roof to the underside of the front bumper, I went in and signed my life away with a gigantic personal check. I swear there weren't that many digits in the price tag before. Then I drove away in my brand new baby.

Now, 200 miles later, I still have that idiotic grin on my face every time I get in. I took it up Page Mill, a local mountain road, and it was the most phenomenal driving experience of my life. As one who always hated driving (I figured it's was just another way of getting myself killed), I must say this car makes driving a delectable activity.

My mission now is to get past break-in (1250 miles). This car screams for more and it pains me that I can't comply for another 1k miles. No matter, delayed gratification is the best kind.

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