Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Radioactive Man

Today I am Radioactive Man!

A little dose of I-131 (radioiodine) and now I glow in the dark. Just kidding. Actually, I only register a measley 5mRads @ 1m, so nothing too impressive.

In case you're wondering why in the world I voluntarily ingested radioactive material, it's for treating my hyperthyroidism. There shouldn't be any major ill effects at the moment; I just might be a little more hyper/A.D.D. than usual these few days. I'm actually quite relieved that I'm finally taking care of this stupid problem after having been on a year-long addrenaline rush. It gets old after a while.

So now I'm just sitting at home (I'm quarantined due to the radioiodine) playing Ico all day long, cleaning my room, and other fun stuff. It feels good to have a nice break.

Thanks to all of you for your warm wishes, wonderful cards, and gifts :). I feel so undeserving; I really appreciate the thought!

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