Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Radioactive Man

Today I am Radioactive Man!

A little dose of I-131 (radioiodine) and now I glow in the dark. Just kidding. Actually, I only register a measley 5mRads @ 1m, so nothing too impressive.

In case you're wondering why in the world I voluntarily ingested radioactive material, it's for treating my hyperthyroidism. There shouldn't be any major ill effects at the moment; I just might be a little more hyper/A.D.D. than usual these few days. I'm actually quite relieved that I'm finally taking care of this stupid problem after having been on a year-long addrenaline rush. It gets old after a while.

So now I'm just sitting at home (I'm quarantined due to the radioiodine) playing Ico all day long, cleaning my room, and other fun stuff. It feels good to have a nice break.

Thanks to all of you for your warm wishes, wonderful cards, and gifts :). I feel so undeserving; I really appreciate the thought!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Hwi Are Family

Yesterday was the annual Hwimori Spring Show, titled "Hwi Are Family" this year. It came complete with an adorable flyer made by Kim where every member of the group was rendered in cute anime form.

Overall the performance went quite well. Things fell apart here and there occasionally, but I'm really impressed with how the group pulled together at the end to deliver an entire spring show. I was satisfied that I finally got to perform the rather difficult Standing Solchanggo which involves both complicated rhythms, steps, and coordination with three other performers.

Anyways, if you're curious as to what we are or what we look like, you can either check out Hwimori's Homepage or these pictures from our spring show. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2004


Hmm, apparently I'm glucose. Does that make me a sugar-daddy? Which molecule are you?

You are glucose. People feed off of you. You are
sweet, caring, and a source of energy for
everyone around you. You can inspire others
with your creativity and depth, and you can
keep people alive when in times of famine.
People love you...or at least the way you

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Oh the stress

I've been quite stressed lately. Again, you already know this because I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Work has been kicking my ass. Funny because there are technically no projects I'm assigned to work on. Therefore, I'm working on all projects because everyone thinks I'm free. I guess it's just hard working for such a lean company sometimes; they're perpetually short of hands. Of course there are always benefits as my Google friends are about to experience. Damn them and their stock options!!!

To add to an already stressful week, Hwimori's (Korean drumming group I'm part of) spring show is this Sunday and I feel grossly underprepared. Not to mention three hour rehearsals after work make me a bit tired.

In other news, my car is now coming the beginning of July. Woohoo!! I had no idea this wait was going to be this much torture. I should've known.