Monday, April 5, 2004

Napa Once Again

Apologies for all those who actually read my site. I know it must've been a difficult month without me to entertain and assist your procastination. Honestly, I didn't post anything because there wasn't anything good to write about, and I hate writing about stupid stuff.

So the non-stupid stuff that happened was that my family came up to visit me last weekend from Los Angeles. I was really happy to see them and show them around the Bay Area because they don't come too often. We went up to Napa to do some wine tasting, take some tours, and take in the lush green Northern California scenery (LA is brown already this time of year). Hmm, funny, I was just up there...

Our first stop was the Robert Mondavi winery. We took their tour which was quite fun and informative. Of course our favorite part was the wine tasting portion at the very end. They served us some white and red wine. Then the guide served some sweet dessert wine which was really good as far as dessert wine goes. My parents and sister went straight to the store and bought a few bottles. Then they made two more trips back to the store to get some more. By the time we left, we had an entire case of dessert wine. Finally, before we left, I had to show my parents the I Block Fume Blanc which I had last time and really liked. Turns out I have expensive taste ($65 a bottle). We sat down in their well decorated and airy tasting room and passed around a glass. By this time, my mom was drunk and the rest of us were a bit tipsy so we had a good time enjoying the beautiful weather and surroundings with our wine.

After the wine tasting, we drove around Napa, Sonoma, and the outskirts of Santa Rosa, passing the bed and breakfast where Barbara and I stayed. Finally, we had dinner in downtown Sonoma which is even smaller than I realized and went home.

The next day I took my sister out to Half Moon Bay to give her a much belated birthday present: a ride on the beach. We saddled up and went the usual path. We managed to convince the guy to let us go without a guide, but we ended up running into a couple with a guide. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't shake them because whenever we'd try to run ahead, they'd follow. An hour later, I was so frustrated, I finally gave up and accepted our fate. It wasn't so bad though because our guide didn't restrict us too much. My sister and I could pretty much run as we pleased. However, both of our horses absolutely refused to canter and mine tried to buck me off several times when I tried. I finally decided that a nice run on the beach wasn't worth my life so I settled with trotting down the shore. In then end, my sister really enjoyed it and that's all that really matters. So any of you wanna come riding with me? Just let me know. It's fun (and expensive)!

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