Monday, April 26, 2004

Getting New Car!!!

If you don't know by now, then I don't know where you've been. Really. Even my friend's friend who lives in LA and visited us a month ago asked me how my car search was going. I notice that I tend to absolutely obsess about purchases and research them to death before even dipping my toes in. This phenominon is magnified exponentially with the price tag involved. For example, when I was looking for a laptop, it took me month of daily website-reading price-comparing insanity before I settled on the model I wanted. Of course such agony pays off in the end with a purchase I am truly happy about, but still.. the agony!

Can you imagine what it must be like shopping for a car worth 20 times that??? It's pure torture, not only for me but for all my friends too. Our conversations go something like this:

"Hey Albert, what's up?"
"Sup ."
"What are you up to tonight? Wanna hang out?"
"Dude, I test drove this bimmer yesterday and it was AWESOME!"
"Yeah, also checked out this Audi and Infinity. That Audi's got an AMAZING interior. Man, now I don't know which car to choose. What do you think I should get?"
"Get what you want man... It's your money."
"No really, should I get an SMG or stick with that 330i?"
"Dude, shut up."

Now, everyone, as of today you can officially celebrate a very special day. I prefer to call it, Albert Ordered His Car Day!!!, however friends might prefer Albert Finally Shuts Up about His Car Day!!! Now before you ask for a ride in it or to take it out/steal it for a joy ride, it's not here yet. Otherwise I wouldn't be sitting in front of a computer typing this stuff. I'd be out breaking my new baby in. When does it arrive you ask? Late July. Yes, that's three excruciating months, but well worth the wait. This car is AWESOME and I love every little bit of it. Special thanks to Barbara who actually went out and test drove for me my new baby (not to say it wasn't a fun favor by any means).

Alright, so now you're thinking, "Albert, cut to the chase. What the HELL did you get?"

I always said my next car would be a bimmer right? Of course, at the time, I figured I'd keep my Jeep at least a couple more years and save more money but oh well, everything can't go according to plan. I sucked it up and broke the bank with this one...

BMW Silver Gray Metallic 330i with:
-- Performance Package
-- 6-speed manual
-- Gray leather
-- Moon roof
-- Aluminum Silver Cube trim
-- Xenon headlamps
-- Parking Distance Control

It's not by any means a "fast car" compared to all those Infinity G35's I see running around out there (not even going to talk about the Evo or STi), but definately a gorgeous machine that's both wonderful to look at and exhilarating to drive, and most importantly, it's my dream car (until I get my M5 of course)!

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