Thursday, February 26, 2004

Online personality tests

The internet would be so boring (and half the current size) without these nifty things that help waste you and all your friends' time. Anyways, my friend forwarded the test to me and it was more fun than doing the project I'm working on so I took it. Here are my results.

What do you think? Does it match? Note the Always Avoid section. That would be my friend. Here're her results. Funny funny.

Alright, next post, Viennese Ball (the last one?) because that's tomorrow and I'm starting to get all nervous. Did I forget something? Do I remember how to dance? Will my Battle Axe be happy?

Post your test results in the Comments section!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Arlene's Website

Just like Sha Sha did for me, I'm going pop the Google cherry for my friend, Arlene. So I'm going to link her website here: Arlene Gabriana and here: Arlene's Webpage and here: Arlene is cool and here: Arlene is so hot. Check out that cool couch.

Now here's a direct link to her blog: Arlene Gabriana.


Monday, February 23, 2004

Weekend Recap

So I really have nothing to talk about so I'm just going to blab because something is better than nothing to read.

First of all, Barbara's birthday bash last last weekend was awesome. On Valentine's Day our horseback trail ride through Point Reyes was phenominal. If you ever get a chance, you should visit Five Brooks. I highly recommend them. Most of the time we were winding through tall woods in a sort of enchanted twighlight. Everything was lush green except for the dirt of the trail and the peeks of sky above. At one point, we started running through the forest at an exhilarating speed. I thought I was going to die, but what an awesome rush it was. Then, just when I thought the forest would never end, we burst out into open green rolling hills and took a slow walk through the tall grass. It was wonderful to soak in the sun and the view after having been under the forest canopy for two hours. Our path then led us into an open meadow where many deer were grazing. We walked quietly around them as Barbara and I gazed wide-eyed. It was so peaceful and tranquil...

I think we owe our guide most of the credit for such a wonderful ride. She was so kind and went out of her way to show us neat things (like the deer). The whole time she was talking about how happy she was with the horse she was riding. Apparently the horse had been "rescued" and was really disfunctional until our guide gained her trust to the point of riding her out onto open trails as a guide horse. It's quite a big step if you know how skittish horses can be. As a result, I like to think of her as some kind of horse-whisperer.

Anyways, enough with the horses. You want to know how the night at the bed and breakfast went. Well, sorry to disappoint, but all I'm going to say is that there was some serious wine-chugging drunkeness on Barbara's part and that she broke her promise not to puke all over me. I spent most of the evening catching things as they fell and performing other janitorial duties. By the time the night was over, I had one damp Barbara next to me, several puked on towels in the bathroom, a tub and sink worthy of a frat, and a stained carpet. This is all in addition to the stuff strewn all over the floor, etc.

Needless to say, Barbara did not make it down to breakfast the next morning, especially since I left the bathroom and the sink for her to clean. I had the honors of introducing her to the "Hangover" and she then went through the whole day thinking everything tasted and smelled like puke. This made the planned activity of wine tasting a bit difficult. Things didn't look up until dinner time when we gathered together with her friends and ate a scrumptious meal at Chandon. Ironically, there wasn't a single drop of champagne at the table all night. They must've thought we were weird and/or cheap.

Anyways, that just about sums up my weekend. Now on to Viennese Ball: The Last One?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Valentine's Day 2004

Alright, you've waited long enough to find out what I'm going to do (if you don't already know). Since I finally have a spare moment now that I've just bombed my midterm (which could be a $3,000 mistake), I'm going to tell you all about what I'm going to do this weekend.

Just to give a little background, I've never had plans for Valentine's Day before. Usually, I give flowers to all my girl friends, and spend the rest of the evening serenading girls with Fleet Street. There's really nothing more fulfilling than watching girls melt at the sound of your voice.

But this Valentine's Day, I'm doing something different. No, I didn't all of a sudden snag a girlfriend. Instead, my friend, Barbara, notified me as of a couple weeks ago that we had plans (of which I was previously unaware). On Saturday morning (V-Day), I'm going to pick up Barbara, drive up to Point Reyes and take a nice private horseback trail ride in and through the woods and up to view the Pacific Ocean. Then we're going to head to Santa Rosa where we'll check into a bed and breakfast and dally around the town until dinner time. Then we'll have a nice dinner by Sonoma, perhaps some dancing, perhaps some chilling, then a movie, some wine, and finally some sleep.

The next day, Barbara's birthday, we're joining up with all her friends in Napa Valley and we're going on a wine-tasting tour with a fancy dinner to finish it off. Then we're driving back home and doing homework. Nice weekend eh? I never would've thought of it myself. I'll let you all know how it goes next time I write here.

Anyways, this should hopefully be fun. I personally don't think I'm ever going to plan anything like this again for anyone but a girlfriend. Not that it was super stressful or that I won't have a good time, but I feel this kind of thing is most rewarding if there's a deeper emotional investment in it. So if you wanna spend a romantic weekend with me next year, please check the girlfriend box first, like so:


Well, that's all I have for you for now. Stayed tuned and as usual, feel free to leave me comments. I read them you know. They entertain me. When I'm bored. Or at work. Or trying to study. You know?

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Tuesday, February 3, 2004


Okay, that last post was so popular, not one of you left a single comment. Yet somehow, I've heard from my tens (actually less than 10 I think) of regular readers about how they really enjoyed that last post. Some have even taken to giving me a new nickname, Cuddle Bitch, at the office. I'M SO GLAD YOU TAKE SO MUCH PLEASURE IN MY MISERY.

For those of you not caught up on your reading assignment (boys especially), here's the link again cuddle bitch (n.).

Anyways, when I'm not doing my EE problem set, I'll update you all on my Valentine's Day plans because for once, I have some. It will be a really fun behind-the-scenes look at what panic goes through in a guy's mind several times a year. Strangely enough, these episodes have an uncanny way of coinciding with Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and certain birthdays. And for all of the fans back home, no, sit back down, I don't have a girlfriend.