Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

My college roommates convinced my working roommate and I that we should relive our crazy undergraduate college experience by waking up ass early to see the world premiere of Matrix Revolutions at 6am PST. Having been let down by the last movie, I was a bit skeptical about donating hours of treasured sleep for a movie I might be again disappointed by.

But I caved, and I'm really glad (and tired), because here's Matrix Revolutions in two words:

Pure Awesome

Of our quick poll of four people, it seems that the awesomeness of Revolutions is inversely proportional to how awesome you thought Reloaded was. I can see in many ways how Revolutions is the anithesis to Reloaded. Reloaded was all about super-long fight scenes inside the Matrix where Neo is basically immortal, thus making said fights pointless. Frankly, I can go rent any Hong Kong action flick to fulfill my RDA of "kung-fu" on wires. Of course, Neo fighting is partly what makes the Matrix so great. I'm just saying there was so much of it that it just got old after a while.

After the first Matrix, which is very focused on Neo, Trinity, Morpheous, and the Matrix, I was hoping for the movies to gradually expand and eventually encompass the whole war with the machines with Neo at its epicenter. This seemed the only way to stay fresh and novel. Reloaded did not deliver that, but Revolutions did. That, along with the wide variety of adventure, action, and plot is what I loved about this movie.

Anyways, if you're in it for the action sequences with Neo kicking everyone and their mom's butt, you might not like this movie. But for all of you out there who want a little less "kung-fu" and a lot more sci-fi, this one's for you. Look, I know you've been hurt before, but you've gotta go out there and try again. GO SEE IT, you won't be disappointed!

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