Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I hate stupid people

I hate stupid people, especially when they're in our government. Apparently, someone has banned the use of "Master" and "Slave" in all descriptions of computer components (commonly used to denote unidirectional control in things like hard drives) in Los Angeles County. Has anyone explained to him/her that hard drives have nothing to do with the African slave trade? The words do have meanings outside of "Deplorable White Man" and "Subjugated Black Man." When the manual says, "set hard drive to slave mode", it's not saying, "Take a ship across the Atlantic and enslave an African." I mean, I don't get all offended when people talk about a "chink" in the table. They're talking about a CRACK in the table, not a slant-eyed railroad worker. Can you imagine what this person would think of "male" and "female" connectors? What a dumbass. Anyways, read up on it here:


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