Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Woman brings pitbull to park. Chaos ensues.

I read this really funny (well, only funny cuz it didn't happen to me) article in the San Francisco Chronicle a couple days ago. For those of you who didn't read it, I think you'll enjoy it:

So this woman takes her pitbull to Golden Gate Park and she gets the bright idea to let her PITBULL off the leash. A nearby mounted police officer (they have mounted cops in SF?) riding on a horse named AAA Andy (awesome name) sees her unleashing the dog and hollars to her to put the dog back on the leash. The woman takes notice, but unfortunately, so does the pitbull. The pitbull immediately decides that the horse, AAA Andy, must die, and bolts towards him. Before the officer can react, the dog is attacking AAA Andy who freaks out and throws the officer onto the ground, hurting his back and neck. The woman runs over and tries to wrestle her dog away from the horse, but is rewarded with a hoof to the face. She collapses onto the ground next to the officer. Then, AAA Andy takes off full gallop while being chased by the pitbull. Half a mile away, another officer receives the distress call sent out by the first officer and spots the horse running at him full tilt while a by-stander shouts, "Watch out, it's that damn dog!" The officer manuevers himself in between the horse and the pitbull and attempts to kick the dog down while it tries to take another bite out of AAA Andy. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the officer pulls out his Barretta and shoots the dog who scurries injured into the bushes. Afterward, the first officer and the woman are hospitalized and AAA Andy and the pitbull are sent to the vet.

I believe everyone was okay in the end. So there you go. And yes, this stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I hate stupid people

I hate stupid people, especially when they're in our government. Apparently, someone has banned the use of "Master" and "Slave" in all descriptions of computer components (commonly used to denote unidirectional control in things like hard drives) in Los Angeles County. Has anyone explained to him/her that hard drives have nothing to do with the African slave trade? The words do have meanings outside of "Deplorable White Man" and "Subjugated Black Man." When the manual says, "set hard drive to slave mode", it's not saying, "Take a ship across the Atlantic and enslave an African." I mean, I don't get all offended when people talk about a "chink" in the table. They're talking about a CRACK in the table, not a slant-eyed railroad worker. Can you imagine what this person would think of "male" and "female" connectors? What a dumbass. Anyways, read up on it here:

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Here's something that I think about every once in a while. What are some names you'd want to name your children, or names that you just plain like? Here are my thoughts in order of preference (I've actually forgotten a lot of them so I might rearrange stuff later). What are your favorite names? Add them to the Comments section.

1) Brenna <-- Check out
2) Persephone <-- I don't think I'd ever name anyone this one
3) Vanessa
4) Noriko <-- It's too bad I'm not Japanese
5) Chloe
6) Chelsea <-- I like this one written more than spoken
7) Talia
8) Jane
9) Penelope <-- Again, dunno if I'd actually name anyone this
10) Chandra

1) Ewan
2) Wilson
3) Orlando
4) Cameron
5) Darrin
6) ... Okay, I don't think about guy names that much. I give up.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

sulfur, gasoline, and flowers

Seriously, this is ridiculous that my life's been so bleh recently. So much so that I'm barely scraping by with one post a week. The only things that made my recent time any bit worthwhile were my riding lesson this Sat. and the upcoming Kuo Family Reunion.

I honestly think my utter lack of inspiration is directly due to the fact that has taken a hiatus to produce their first DVD (which you should buy). The pressure to compensate for the sudden loss of the gold mine of a time sink is too much to bear!

Anyways, so my riding lesson this Sat. was so exciting because it was one of those lessons where everything just clicked. For three weeks, I rode a horse named Bean who was a great athlete but really hated me. He was really picky about everything I did and would complain about everything I did wrong. By the third week, I was really frustrated at my seeming halt in progress and wrote my instructor to see if this was her desired result. She said that having patience to nail down fundamentals would pay off in the long run, so I grit my teeth and kept at it. However, I didn't need to last Sat. because after three weeks of running into the same problems over and over again with Bean, I got put on a horse name Levi and rode like I've never done before. I wish everyone else knew how hard it was to do something so simple on a horse like trotting or cantering. Three weeks of frustration paid off incredibly. I think a big part of it was that Bean was such a pain that riding Levi seemed like a breeze. Just to give you an idea of what Levi's like, he's big, furry, and very friendly. Levi's basically a big dog and carries the nick name of Sir Sloth. Anyways, without going into further detail (since none of you'd care), it was a testiment to the benefits of patience and perseverence.

In other news, the Kuo's (25+ of us) are gathering for a family reunion this winter in Los Angeles. It should be a total blast because I haven't seen that much family in so long. We even have the newest member of The Next Generation coming with us, little Syndney. It's times like these that I wish my kids would have this many aunts, uncles, and cousins to play with. Unfortuantely, there's only my sister and I and we're only planning on having around two kids each. It's too bad because being a part of such a great extended family is absolutely wonderful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

My college roommates convinced my working roommate and I that we should relive our crazy undergraduate college experience by waking up ass early to see the world premiere of Matrix Revolutions at 6am PST. Having been let down by the last movie, I was a bit skeptical about donating hours of treasured sleep for a movie I might be again disappointed by.

But I caved, and I'm really glad (and tired), because here's Matrix Revolutions in two words:

Pure Awesome

Of our quick poll of four people, it seems that the awesomeness of Revolutions is inversely proportional to how awesome you thought Reloaded was. I can see in many ways how Revolutions is the anithesis to Reloaded. Reloaded was all about super-long fight scenes inside the Matrix where Neo is basically immortal, thus making said fights pointless. Frankly, I can go rent any Hong Kong action flick to fulfill my RDA of "kung-fu" on wires. Of course, Neo fighting is partly what makes the Matrix so great. I'm just saying there was so much of it that it just got old after a while.

After the first Matrix, which is very focused on Neo, Trinity, Morpheous, and the Matrix, I was hoping for the movies to gradually expand and eventually encompass the whole war with the machines with Neo at its epicenter. This seemed the only way to stay fresh and novel. Reloaded did not deliver that, but Revolutions did. That, along with the wide variety of adventure, action, and plot is what I loved about this movie.

Anyways, if you're in it for the action sequences with Neo kicking everyone and their mom's butt, you might not like this movie. But for all of you out there who want a little less "kung-fu" and a lot more sci-fi, this one's for you. Look, I know you've been hurt before, but you've gotta go out there and try again. GO SEE IT, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Welcome to

For lack of better news, here's another hilarious site. Make sure you have audio on! Also, yes, it actually ends. You'll see...

Saturday, November 1, 2003

California Secession

Here's an absolutely hilarious flash cartoon. It reminds me of a New York Times Opinion article on why California should secede from the Union and join the EU. I'll be sure to post that later because if it were on the ballot, I would totally vote for it. But for now, go here!