Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Recall Election

Okay, so I've already voted but I still want to hear what your thoughts are.

I must admit I'm slightly disgusted with myself, but I think we gotta give Arnold a try. The Republicans should enjoy this Democrat's vote because they aren't likely to get another one from me anytime soon (screw Bush).

I basically decided to vote what I really want and trust that the majority of Californians are smart and will choose the Right Thing even if it's not what I voted for. This is a big step for me because I usually think that the electorate, as a whole (including myself), are undereducated, undermotivated, and no better than highschoolers voting for student council president. However, having been surrounded by very intelligent people for many years now, I feel there is a decent chance that I am mistaken and that our state is in good hands after all. Well, we shall see. In the end, the governor is but a cog in the wheel.

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