Monday, October 27, 2003


Okay, I just got the phone call I did NOT want to receive. I now have 20 minutes to choose what of my past life I would like to save and what I will leave behind to the inferno that is approaching my house in Chatsworth. Then my dad will call back to get the list, he'll pack everything in his minivan along with our other important stuff, and then they will water everything down and then leave. At that point, it's up to the heavens, or the weather, or the quantum uncertainty whether I see the rest of my stuff, along with my house, when I return Home this Thanksgiving.

The nice thing about it is, last time we didn't even have 20 minutes, so this could be considered a gift. Also, me being me, I've already been through this list several times in my head "just in case". The previous fires and earthquakes helped motivate me as well.

One thing that I'm also concerned about is how they're going to get the hundreds of horses out of Chatsworth. There is an organization set up just in case they need to be evacuated, but this is a pretty huge evacuation. Where do you get that many trailers from? Where do you put all the horses??

Anyways, so now I'm just waiting for the next call that will ask me what part of the past I'd like to keep. And that will be that. Wish us all luck.

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